B40 4G

  • Multi-day battery.
  • Waterproof and super tough.
  • Exceptional germ defense.

EE Small Business
  • 10GB Data
  • Unlimited Mins
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 36 Months
£14.00 a month

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CAT B40 – top features and specifications

Discover all the info you need on the CAT B40, including top features and detailed specifications.

Top CAT B40 Features

You can count on the CAT B40 Hygiene Plus for uncompromising performance no matter how tough your day gets. A multi-day battery, super tough build and no complex features. This phone is all about getting the job done each and every time.


A Tough Phone for Tough Jobs

The CAT B40 is a military spec 4G LTE phone that’s suitable for a wide range of industries – anyone who doesn’t spend their day sat in a comfortable chair!

The B40 is submergible in water to 1.5m for up to 35 minutes and can be scrubbed with soap and disinfectant. It’s even resistant to bleach and other chemicals. The handset’s IP68 and IP69 rating for ingress is unique at its price range.


Giving You the Confidence to Keep Going

The CAT B40 is a phone that’s all about getting the job done. No unnecessary or complex features, simply calls and texts under pressure, in tough conditions.

The physical keypad means wet conditions or gloves won’t slow you down, and a loud speakerphone ensures you won’t miss any important details in noisy conditions. When it gets dark, the 100+ lumen torch will help keep things in focus.


No Need to Compromise

You can be confident that the CAT B40 will take everything you throw at it. You can drop it onto concrete from as high as 1.8m, leave it in water for up to half an hour, even power wash it - it’ll still do what you need it to.

The B40 also has a 1800 MAH battery, which means it can keep going for multiple days without charge. It’s made to work in the most difficult conditions.


Keeping You, Your Family & Colleagues Safe

In a first, all components of the CAT B40 are blended with silver ion-based antimicrobial additive. This gives the handset an exceptional level of germ defence (ISO 22196).

If it does get dirty, its water and chemical resistance means you can clean the handset thoroughly and with confidence that it won’t affect its function in any way.


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